What our owners say

Most of our owners are able to sit back and relax!


Here is what they have to say about us…..

“Now that we’ve set up another property for short term rentals, managed by yourselves, I’d like to say thanks to you both for your very able involvement and project management. I was impressed by the careful oversight you had of the contractors and the keen eye for detail and economy.

The apartments, have been renovated and redecorated with minimum bother to myself and as a landlord, you afford me the comfort of your long experience in lettings and are providing a secure income over an extended time.

Also it’s appreciated that the properties are benefiting from being inspected following each letting ensuring that any issues are quickly highlighted and resolved to our mutual benefit.

As a property owner, I find your business model has been refreshing, exciting and successful which is due to your innovation and effort. Here’s to your further business expansion and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Mr Holmes